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  Village Community Development

SUEB’s Model of Village/Community Development is the 4th and Final Phase of our Mission to strengthen the Village/Community towards the attaining Self Sufficiency through Development of Basic Infrastructure for Sustainable Growth & Better Livelihood. At the First stage of SUEB’s intervention, our target group attain the stage of utilizing the Human Resource Development through Organising Self Help Groups. Second, the Organised SHGs achieve Financial leverage through Micro Finance and free themselves from the clutches of unscrupulous money lenders and sustain themselves on their own through Micro Finance. Third, they empower themselves through Education & Vocational Training for Income Generation and dignified living. At the Fourth level, SUEB plays the major role of ensuring Village/Community Development for the target group with a model suitable to the identified village.

In this phase of Village/Community Development, SUEB creates a platform for the Villagers to meet and discuss their issues require thrust and solution.  After a Case Study, The Development Model is prepared with a Participatory Approach by SUEB for a Permanent Solution. Villages are provided all Freedom to choose the Model. Once the Model is finalized, SUEB plunges into action to prepare the Development Project, Methodology, Cost, Funds and Finance Means. Besides, the Villagers are equipped to understand the SUEB Model and trained to raise their voices in relevant platforms to implement the Project. They are advised to attend the Panchayat Raj Meetings, Discuss the Project in Grama Sabhas and later to augment possible funds for the Project.

SUEB approaches the Donors to make the Village/Community Development Project implemented so that the villagers acquire the benefits of SUEB’s Mission. SUEB completes the Project with the help of the Donors & Partners and ensures the Village is now with an Organised Human Resource (SHGs), Access and Management of Finance, Education, Vocational Training, Entrepreneurship Skills and Village Development for a free and fair living.

This Village/Community Development Model consists of various categories, unique in goal and diversified techniques to suit the local needs. Agriculture Development with Modern and Sustainable Technologies, Production Units with Storing and Marketing Support, Husbandry and Dairy Development, Enhance the capacity of Water Bodies and their Means, Construction of Structures needed for the comprehensive development of the village like School Blocks, Community Halls, Health Premises etc.

We are undertaking the Village Development Programme for the last 3 years (2011 to 2014) in Sorakulathur village, Thiruvannamalai District.
SUEB has completed many Village Development Programmes. We formed 31 Farmer’s clubs in Village Panchayats and conducted 40 training programmes with  new techniques and sustainable agriculture.
The Villagers were taught the method of growing alternative crops.
The villagers were taught to cultivate Fodder for Cattle. 
Training in Nutrition and Diseases in Cattle.

Water Harvesting activity with a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) system.

Conducting Farm Schools in Arni, West Arni, Thrinjapuram, Polur, Kalasapakkam, Chetpet Blocks in collaboration with Agricultural Department.

The focus of our training was mostly in SRI techniques in rice cultivation and Sericulture and Kissan Nursery.
  1. Drum Seeder Training
  2. SRI Cultivation
  3. Increased agricultural production and food security through training
  4. Promotion of livelihood activities
  5. Improve quality of family life
  6. Increase participation in Panchayats raj.
  7. Environment enrichment activities
  8. MEDP Training for differently abled. 
  9. Promotion of sericulture in tribal areas.
  10. Formation of federation for sericulture farmers
  11. Poultry Training
  12. Modern Technique in Sugarcane cultivation
  13. Formation of a Village Agricultural Development Committee
  14. Introduce new trends in calf rearing and animal husband
Introducing mechanization in agriculture

In Sorrakulathur, one of the farmers has planted paddy using SRI Technique. In the meeting SUEB discussed about SRI Techniques. But the farmers had a lot of hesitation to introduce this new method. They questioned who would bear the loss if they suffer loss because of introducing this new method. SUEB invited them to discuss. What they have heard from others who had used this method in other villages. A few spoke about the failures. SUEB enabled them to see that the failures were due to natural calamity, pest or not following the SRI method correctly. SUEB challenged the farmers if two people could undertake experimentation in their field, whether they are willing to be trained. Then if they find this method to be profitable whether they would try in one small section of their land and experiment it themselves next year. The farmers agreed that this was a sensible course of action.

Two farmers came forward to undertake the experimentation. Around 60 farmers have given their names for training. When we first started working with this village none of them used to plant vegetables and greens. After receiving training last year 234 families have started planting vegetables, greens and flowers. Most they have small pieces of land. Planting alternative crops gave them more money in a short time. This has also helped the families to take balanced diet by consuming more vegetables and greens.

None of the villagers had used Drip Irrigation prior to our intervention in this village. Now 22 farmers have put drip irrigation in their fields. In addition a farmer
Mr.  Ezhumalai has motivated farmers in other villages and has been instrumental in getting more than 50 drip irrigation connections.
7 Farmers have started following the new method of Sugar cane cultivation.

Poultry Training has gained good popularity. More than 400 families have started rearing chicken. They consume the eggs and sell chicken to their neighbours. This has improved the family food intake. Three farmers are doing it on a commercial basis.

The training on Worm culture created much awareness among the farmers. Most of the farmers have cows. The cow dung used to be collected and kept near their houses as manure. Now they are taking and putting them in shade in their farm land for three months and turning them into wormicompost. This is the most innovative and effective way of getting wormicompost.

Village Development Projects in Progress:

 Medavakkam School Enrichment Programme & Kidney awareness program

Arni NABARD MEDP program in mushroom cultivation and stone work.

Weeder machine Practical Training.

Farmers Club Training in flower, seed, sugar cane cultivation and milk production.  

The strength of our SHGs will be involved in working out Various Village Development Projects.SUEB is determined to conduct more Village Development Projects in future.