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Success Stories

  Success Stories
I am Ranjana. I live in Sembakkam, a small village near Chennai. My husband is a plumber and we have three daughters. We could not meet our basic needs with the income he earns. We lived in a single room rented apartment at Sembakkam.

At Sembakkam, SUEB has an empowerment programme for women and I was invited to join the Samanthi Self Help Group. As a member of the group I was able to get trained in making Sambrani (incense sticks) and candle making. In order to encourage, women like myself SUEB offered a loan of Rs.2000/- and a second loan of Rs.5000/- to make and market incense sticks. I started getting a steady income from selling incense sticks.

The success of my enterprise inspired me to ask for a loan of Rs.15000/- from ICICI bank on commercial terms with the help of SUEB. I decided to start buying and marketing rice in my village. Now my monthly income is about Rs.6000/-per month. With this income, we lead a comfortable life. We now live in our own house which we were able to buy with our earnings.
Puzhuthivakkam is a small village close to Chennai, and my home is in this village. I, Ananthi live in this village with my husband and my son. The only breadwinner for my family was my husband. He works as an auto driver earning Rs.500/- per day. He works from 6am to 10pm on most days. The income was hardly sufficient for the basic needs of the family.

One of my friends informed me that if I acquire additional skills, I could also earn income. She went on to tell me about SUEB and the training that was being offered to women like me. Encouraged by her, I went to the SUEB office and with their guidance joined a Self Help Group called Sri Jeyam. 

Being a Self Help Group member, I enrolled in the candle making training given by SUEB. This program was supported by Lions Club of Geneva and Friends of India(FOI), Switzerland. On completion of training, I decided to take a loan of Rs.10000/- from ICICI bank through SUEB. I started making candles at home. Soon I was making a profit of Rs.200/- per day. This additional income helped in giving my family better food and clothes. I thank SUEB and FOI for giving me the confidence to earn more and participate in the development of my family. Now I try to persuade my friends to improve themselves in the same manner.
I am Chitra living in Madipakkam village a small hamlet of 150 families. My husband is a driver by profession. He works for people who own an auto rickshaw, for a wage. He earns about Rs.500/- per day. During this time I met Ms.G.Kalavathy who was the Field Staff of SUEB. Seeing that I was struggling, she persuaded me to visit SUEB, where a routine meeting was in progress. The discussion in the meeting was about, how women staying at home can help increase their family’s income.

I have a natural ability to draw and work with my hands. Recognizing my interest, Kalavathy encouraged me to join a batch of women who were being trained to make Fashion Jewellary. At the end of the training, I had the confidence of making and marketing Jewellary. Under the guidance of SUEB and Kalavathy I obtained a loan of Rs.2000/- from SUEB and started making Fashion Jewellary at home.

I found that it is quite easy to market the Jewellary and I decided to take a second and third loan of Rs.5000/- and Rs.10000/- respectively. I am very happy today, as I am earning over Rs.5000/- per month with my skill. The advanced course in women Entrepreneurship conducted by SUEB with financial support from the Lions Club Geneva and Friends of India(FOI),Switzerland helped me in improving my business.  In order to improve the status of my family, my husband and I decided to purchase an           auto-rickshaw, for ourselves with the help of a bank loan. We are now very happy and I have all the needs of my home fulfilled.
We Jothi, Varalakshmi, Krishnaveni, and Sasikala received training from SUEB under the NABARD Micro Enterprise Development Training (MEDP). After the training the members from two different groups, who were interested in stitching bags joined together and formed the Sri Annamalaiyar Bag works business. Subsequently we also attended the Business Development Training programme conducted by SUEB-FOI. This motivated us to find other ways of increasing our income. Usually we receive job orders during festivals and functions. Thiruvannamalai being a small district we did not have orders for stitching bags at other times, hence we motivated our group to diversify the business.
We started canvassing and getting local orders for stitching blouses. This year we will give our members training in Fashion Designing of blouses, which will increase the skills of the members and enable us to further increase our income.
I am Padma Shanmugavadivu. I have completed B.Sc degree. After my marriage, I came to live in Arani with my husband’s family. For 11 years, I was only a Home Maker. SUEB staff motivated me to use my talents and start a Self Help Group in 2010. I was elected as the leader. As I started attending SUEB’s training programmes. I began to enhance my skills and discover my own potential & talents. Earlier I was even afraid to go to the Bank. But after joining SUEB, I gained Self Confidence.

My husband’s family has been doing oil extraction business for many years. But they were making only Ground Nut Oil. But when I started getting involved in the business, I motivated them to increase the products. Now we produce 6 different oils: Groundnut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Gingili Oil, Neem Oil, Illupa Oil and srikalki Deepam Oil. Now we have branded them and are selling by brand name. I am appreciated by my family members. I also motivate the other member of my Self Help Group and have given employment to a few of them.
I am Vijayalakshmi. My father works as a laborer under a weaver for daily wages. My mother is a Home Maker. I have studied upto to 10th standard. Being a ‘first generation learner in my family, my academic skills are very poor. I was not able to find gainful employment, with this educational qualification. Subsequently I studied tailoring and received scholarship at SUEB Development Community College, with financial assistance from Operation Rutt, Finland. In order to sharpen my skills, I underwent the Entrepreneur Development Training in Fashion Designing with assistance from FOI.

I am now able to do Fashion Designing in blouses. This gives more income than stitching plain blouses. To further increase my income, I have also learnt to make soft toys and sell them.After completing my 10th standard with great difficulty I had given up hope of getting any employment. My academic education had not given me any employable skills. I am now glad that I have completed vocational education and have gained vocational skills, which enable me to be self employed. I am confident of increasing my income.
I am Nirmala Devi, daughter of a mason who is now no more. I am a first generation educated person in my family. I studied Desktop Publication at SUEB and later completed Diploma in Computer Education. 
I did my middle school studies at Nanmangalam Panchayat union middle school. I benefitted from the Heart for India school enrichment programme administrated by SUEB at the school. I still remember the excitement and anticipation of wearing a new uniform, shoes, and receiving a stylish bag for carrying my books for the first time in my life. But for this gift, I would not have been able to enjoy the thrill of good quality uniform materials, shoes etc, as a girl. Subsequently, I did my high school studies at Kovilambakkam Govt Higher Secondary school.

At this school also, I was a part of the Heart for India- SUEB school enrichment programme. I enjoyed attending the special classes arranged for students appearing for Govt exams. As we were quite tired, at this time, the snacks provided to us by Heart for India-SUEB programme was a welcome feature.  Many of the students like myself looked forward to attend the class. After completing my studies, I approached SUEB for employment. SUEB encouraged me by providing me job opportunity as computer faculty. I would like to express my gratitude to all the kind people who helped shape me to stand on my own legs, now I am contributing for the betterment of many girls from a similar background as mine.
I am K.Gowri a homemaker. My husband is a car driver. He earns, around Rs.6000/- per month. We have two children, a daughter and a son. We reside at Kaivelli in Pallikarani near Chennai.
Since the income earned by my husband was not sufficient, I decided to join a Self Help Group organized by SUEB. I got financial help through a loan from SUEB. I joined a one year tailoring course in SUEB Development Community College. I passed the government higher examination in Dress Making and Embroidery.

Now I am working in Imayam Matriculation School as a tailoring teacher and earn about Rs.7500/- per month. I thank SUEB for the valuable course conducted in SUEB Development Community college and for the help given by the SUEB Magalir Self Help Group.
We Abinaya, Ananthi and Anitha studied tailoring in SUEB Development Community College. We have also learnt Fashion Designing in sarees. Currently we are earning a steady income through tailoring.

All of us completed the advanced course in Fashion Designing in Blouse Making conducted under SUEB-FOI project. We work as a team and get more job orders.

We can also plan to get bulk orders to develop our business. SUEB is  assisting us to form a Joint Liability Group, which would enable us to develop our business on a bigger scale.
I am Stella Mary Santhiyagu, the Leader of SUEB Kavinilavu Magalir Self Help Group through SUEB. I started the group with 15 members and then added 4 members.  Now we are 19 members in the group.

Before joining the group we did not have the practice of savings or maintaining Books of  Accounts. SUEB taught me how to run a group and maintain accounts.

I have taken 1st loan of RS. 5,000 from SUEB and started a small business of  making  Jewellary and Soft Toys. I learnt both these skills in SUEB’s Vocational Training Programmes. I made the Jewellary with the help of my group members and sold them to people near my house.  My group has got  2nd   and  3rd  loan from SUEB to set up a shop for selling the Jewellary.

Each of  my group members has a savings of Rs.5,400, which we use for internal lending with a maximum loan size of Rs.20,000 per member.